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Key features

A wide range
of functionalities


Understand the impact of your board design and panel layout on the layer thickness distribution with just a few clicks.

Identify layer thickness distribution over boards and panels

Generate color plots of layer thickness distribution and related production risk zones over the boards and panels.

Automated and optimized copper balancing

Generate optimized copper balancing with a single mouse click… in only a few seconds time.

Identify the most critical holes for post-production quality testing

Ensure testing is consistent and independent of the operator

Compare different PCB design and panel layouts side by side

Graphical side-by-side views completed with the KPI values provide visual and objective information to select the best design or layout for the plating process.

Download relevant reports

Reports are generated by a simple click in HTML format

Download copper balancing results

Generate extra files in Gerber format containing the exact position and size of the copper balancing locations

Key Benefits


Science based automated and optimized copper balancing enables more complex PCB designs and ready-to-plate board layouts. This will reduce the tolerances in production, resulting in higher quality products.

Time & material savings

Manually adding copper balancing easily takes an hour, this software generates one in minutes, and it is an optimal one! This not only saves time in design/CAM departments, it also results in less copper to be plated, resulting in lower material and energy costs


No more need to wait for your supplier or production feedback, the software provides immediate input on your design and panel layout.


Understand the impact of your design, and impact of the automated copper balancing

Profit margin

Your profit margin goes up by providing plate-ready PCBs and panels, resulting in higher quality products.

Better customer- supplier relationship

As a customer, you will be able to provide FAB products that are easier to plate, as a FAB, you can advise your customer on DFM.

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